Dr Nimrod Zalk shares his top recommendations for Africa Industrialization Day 2023

Image c/o Dr Zalk

This year, Africa Industrialization Day calls for the building of more policy advocacy on the continent’s industrialization agenda. DevDispatch is excited to celebrate Africa Industrialization Day 2023 by sharing interesting  recommendations from industry expert, Dr Nimrod Zalk.

Dr Zalk is a development economist whose work focuses on green industrialization and development finance in Africa. He has over 20 years of experience in industrial development, trade and development finance. He currently works as the Chief Research Officer for climate and development at the The Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance.

Enjoy his selection!

African Economic Development: Evidence, Theory, and Policy

By Christopher Cramer, John Sender, and Arkebe Oqubay

In my opinion this is the pre-eminent resource for development practitioners thinking about African economic development. It emphasizes the importance of evidence in economic policy making, studying variations in performance across and within countries to help identify economic development opportunities. Best of all is its open access.

Africa in Transformation: Economic Development in the Age of Doubt

By Carlos Lopes

Lopes tackles misleading narratives about Africa, places African development within the context of global forces but argues strenuously for the exertion of African agency to structurally transform through industrialization, agricultural modernization and responding to climate change.

Structural Transformation in South Africa: The Challenges of Inclusive Industrial Development in a Middle-Income Country

Edited by Antonio Andreoni, Pamela Mondliwa, Simon Roberts, and Fiona Tregenna

This volume is the culmination of a multi-year research programme at the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) at the University of Johannesburg drawing on much of the work of the Industrial Development Think Tank hosted by CCRED. It reflects on South Africa’s efforts to structurally transform with lessons from and for other developing countries. It is also open access.

A collection of policy pieces

By Nimrod Zalk

Lastly I would suggest the following short applied policy pieces I have written on the importance of manufacturing and high value agriculture in African economic development and trade, and the critical role of African development banks on the continent.

Tap title to access the publications:

  1. Africa’s development banks: the urgent need for scale
  2. How Africa Should Approach Trade and Industrialization
  3. What is the role of manufacturing in boosting economic growth and employment in South Africa?
  4. Hiding in plain sight: high-value agriculture’s large-scale potential to grow jobs and exports

The AfCFTA: unlocking the potential of the digital economy in Africa

By ODI (Alberto Lemma, Max Mendez-Parra and Laura Naliaka)

This publication focuses on Africa’s digital economy and delves into topics including consumer protection, authentication, data localisation, cross-border data flows, cybersecurity and data protection.