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3 Minutes with…..Entrepreneur Precious Di Phiri

Following the recently concluded Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) which took place in Cairo Egypt, our contributor Adebayo Abubakar caught up with one of the participants, Precious Di Phiri, a Malawian Entrepreneur with investment portfolios spanning organic foods and natural sustainable alternatives.

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Africa’s Investment Growth Framework

The increasing cost of capital in Africa, exceeding levels observed in other regions, the lack of reliable information and data which is essential for investors to make informed decisions, collectively represent major impediments to new investments in Africa and the continent’s appeal to foreign investors.

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3 Minutes with…..Economist Eckart Naumann

In this special Q & A, DevDispatch Contributor Beru Lilako discusses the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) with economist Eckart Naumann. The discussion sheds light on AGOA developments and possible synergies with the AfCFTA.

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3 Minutes with…..Entrepreneur Nandi Mkwanazi

Entrepreneur, ecological organic agriculture practitioner and sustainability advocate Nandi Mkwanazi let DevDispatch Contributor Beru Lilako into her world to speak all things about climate change, food security and the AfCFTA. Nandi is also the Southern African Development Community chairperson of the Afrikan Youth Business Council.

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African Trade Integration in a Changing World

Regional trade integration could become the vehicle for economies on the continent to transition to higher growth and job creation in a changing global environment. In particular, it can help to make countries more resilient to climate change and risks of geopolitical fragmentation.

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3 Minutes with… trade and E-commerce expert, Alastair Tempest

This month, our blogger Beru Lilako interviewed Alastair Tempest, a digital trade and E-commerce expert who leads the Ecommerce Forum of Africa and its national chapter, the E-commerce Forum of South Africa. He shared his insights on the ongoing protocol negotiations, the opportunities and challenges of E-commerce integration, and the lessons that Africa can learn from the European Union in light of the African Union’s Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-30)

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