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AfCFTA: Trade in Africa and Financial Inclusion

How much access does an African entrepreneur have to credit facilities? The level of financial inclusion in the majority of African countries is still very low for Micro Medium and Small Enterprises to be fully involved in driving the integration within the framework of the AfCFTA.

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African leaders Need a “Referendum” on Corruption and AfCFTA

As Africans celebrate the birth of the African Continental Free Trade Area, the continent is no doubt set on the path of economic prosperity and the benefits of Africa becoming a single united trading bloc. However, there are problems that threaten the full implementation of the AfCFTA, particularly the hydra-headed monster called corruption

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Zimbabwean women game-changers in wildlife conservation

Zimbabwe’s wildlife landscape is endowed by different animal species, beautifying its environment, yet due to the increasing number of unlicensed animal poachers- the wildlife’s existence is threatened. The female-led Tikki Hywood Foundation is one of Zimbabwe’s animal conservation organisations that thrives to bring awareness and sustainable protection of endangered species.

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Hives help secure crucial wildlife corridors in Kenyan park

Across the sweeping savanna at the periphery of Amboseli National Park in Kenya, hives hang from acacia trees like pieces of artwork. Joyce Tokore, a member and secretary of Inkasotuak Women Group which owns some of the hives says that beekeeping has brought more benefits than they had thought possible.

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Cameroon: Women at the heart of plastic waste reduction

Armelle Tamo Sidje, 33, is a young female entrepreneur in Cameroon who uses banana tree trunks to produce biodegradable packaging for households and shops. With Cameroon producing over 300,000 tonnes of bananas each year, there’s a guarantee that her project can save families from using plastic bags that continues to proliferate despite a 2014 ban.

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